Golden Wood, Crooked Wood, Forest for our children, Green Light Trust,

About Us

Lawshall is a Suffolk village community of 1,000 residents, some six miles from Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury and Lavenham, situated in the East Anglia region of England.

In 1979 Ric Edelmann and Nigel Hughes inspired the community to start planting a Forest for our Children.  Each year the forests have grown in area and maturity.  

Lawshall's first wood, Crooked Wood, was set up in 1979 - inspired by the forests and people in Papua New Guinea.

Lawshall has three separate woodlands, GOLDEN WOOD and CROOKED WOOD are managed by the Lawshall Community Woodlands (Forest for Our Children) steering group, and FRITHY WOOD by the Green Light Trust.

Our GOLDEN WOOD, (21 acres of planted new woodland and meadows) is located beyond The Foundry building, at the west end of Lawshall.  CROOKED WOOD, two acres of woodland, lies at the east end.

Each year in early spring, a new management committee is elected by Lawshall residents to manage and maintain the woodlands for the community - by the community - to encourage wildlife and to make it freely accessible for everyone's enjoyment.  The elected committee is supported by a Silviculture group who provide expert guidance and leadership on woodland management.

Come and enjoy:

  • A quiet walk and "get away from it all"
  • Walking your dogs (please use the red bins provided and respect the dogs on leads policy in the new part of the woods)
  • Climbing up to the mound to visit the Hauswin - traditional house built in partnership with our Papua New Guinea tribes people visitors
  • Getting lost in the children's maze
  • Spotting a Kingfisher on the ponds
  • Photographing wildflowers in the meadows
  • Observing the woodlands change with the seasons
  • Reading our walkway information boards about how the woodlands are managed
  • Buying our forest products (fire logs, pea sticks, birch pols and willow weaving lengths)
  • Having a picnic
  • Listening to the birds