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The FoC has a special relationship with the Hunstein Range in Papau New Guinea. The videos below tell the whole amazing story....

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1994 Crooked Wood

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Our history

One of the highlights of Golden Wood is the Hauswin. Originating from Papua New Guinea, a Hauswin (Papuan pidgin for Wind House) is a structure designed for escaping the heat of the rainforest while meeting with fellow members of the village, talking and gathering.

In July 2010, six tribesmen from the Hunstein Range in Papua New Guinea came to Golden Wood and worked with the local people to help us build our very own Hauswin. The main structure was made from ash and the flooring and roofing were made from willow, both of which were harvested from Golden Wood itself. The design for the building incorporated elements of both traditional British and Papuan construction and was erected by both communities.