Seed to Tree

The Seed to Tree programme is a long-running scheme through which pupils at Lawshall's All Saints School have gained hands-on expderience of the woods. Throughout their time at the school,  from Reception to Year 6, the children are involved in the life of the wood and the history of Lawshall's unique connection with people who live in the rainforest in Papua New Guinea.  The very first tree was planted in the school grounds by William Takaku, from PNG, in 1993. All the school class names have tree connections. Acorn, Oak, Ash, Lime, Horse Chestnut, Willow and Elder.

The School Tree Nursery has been established for many years and is used for growing trees and shrubs which are transferred to Golden Wood. In the autumn the children in Year 1, go to Frithy Wood to search for Acorns and other seeds which are the planted in the Tree Nursery. In Year 2, the children ' Mind and Mulch' the saplings and then in Year 4, the children plant their  trees and shrubs in  Golden Wood. For the past two years the children have been using the trees they have grown to plant the hedgerow along the north-west boundary of the upper wood, near The Foundry. The scheme has 7 stages:

Step 1: Sowing Seeds (Year 1, Autumn)

Step 2: Destination Woodland (Year4, Autumn)

Step 3: The Global Connection (Year 3, Spring)

Step 4: Minding and Mulching (Year 2, Summer)

Step 5: Tree Rescue (Year 4, Summer)

Step 6: Osier Coppicing (Year 5, Winter)

Step 7: Woodland Management (Year 6, Winter)

The Seed to Tree programme also includes taking the Reception children in Acorn Class on a Nature Walk to Golden Wood in July each year. This is their first introduction to Forest For Our Children.